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As we all know, WoW Token Cost is not fixed; it frequently changes. Below you will get detailed information about Token Prices in different countries and when they are last changed.

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WoW Token Price

What are WoW Tokens and how do it work?

WoW tokens are in-game items that allow players to trade gold easily and securely. They can be bought with real money at the Blizzard shop (game stores) and sold to other players via the Auction House at the current market price.

The WoW Token allows players to add game time for 30 days to WoW membership or give them the option to add money ($ 15) to their Balance.

  • WoW Tokens work as follows:

Suppose Player A purchases WoW Token from Blizzard shop or game stores with real money.

Later, Player A sells this WoW Token to other Player B via the Auction House.

So, it is quite simple to evaluate.

Player A gets gold.

Player B gets 30 days of WoW Game Time to his account or gets Balance.

  • WoW Tokens are used for:

(a) You can purchase WoW tokens with your real money at the Blizzard shop, and then later; you will get WoW gold in return.

(b) You can buy WoW Tokens with your gold and get the Game Time subscription for 30 days.

(c) You can purchase WoW tokens with your gold and get Balance or Blizzard Balance.

WoW Token Price

  • 117,845
  • -62
  • Changed 5 min ago
  • 167,109
  • -240
  • Changed 10 min ago
  • 390,864
  • +410
  • Changed 6 min ago
  • 186,744
  • +1097
  • Changed 27 min ago
  • 209,035
  • -418
  • Changed 2 min ago

WoW Token History Tracker


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People Also Ask

What is the cost of WoW Token in real money?

Token prices at the Blizzard Shop are as follows:

Americas & Oceania (US) costs – $20 USD/$25 AUD.

Europe (EU) costs – €20 EUR/£15 GBP.

Chinese (CN) costs – ¥75 CNY.

Korean (KR) costs – ₩22,000 KRW.

Taiwanese (TW) costs – NT$500 TWD.

How much Balance or Blizzard Balance do I get?

The amount of Blizzard Balance you will get as follows:

US region – Americas & Oceania – $15 USD/$17 AUD.

EU region – Europe – €12.99 EUR/£9.99 GBP.

CN region – China – Option not yet available

KR region – Korea – Option not yet available

TW region -Taiwan – Option not yet available

What determines WoW Token Price?

While the Tokens cost in real-money is fixed, the price of gold in the game fluctuates drastically depending upon supply and demand.

The balance of the two conditions defines the price of a token:

When fewer users take Token with real money, then more users want to donate their gold for this, i.e., less supply and demand more = Token gold price increases.

When more users take Token with real money, then fewer users want to donate their gold for this, i.e., more supply and less demand = Token gold price drops.

What if my WoW Token does not sell?

Don’t worry; your WoW Token will be sold out definitely. Although it is unclear how long it takes to sell the WoW token, the average time to sell is less than 12 hours.

How many WoW Tokens can you purchase?

You can purchase only 10 Tokens/week from the in-game Shop. Your Blizzard account can only have one type of Token at a time, and you have the option to purchase only 10 Tokens in your inventory each time.

How to purchase WoW Token for real money?

Players can purchase WoW Tokens through the in-game Shop either for real money or Blizzard Balance.

How to purchase WoW Token for in-game gold?

Players will have to visit  Auction House, and there they find a separate tab named as Game Time.

How much do the WoW Tokens cost in gold?

Users can track the current market price of gold anytime for each WoW Token in different regions with the above price history graph. The prices change very often depending on supply and demand – be sure to keep an eye on it.

Is the WoW token worth it?

Players sell WoW Tokens to other players for gold in return, and their prices continuously change globally. According to a WoW token price tracking tool, a token is currently worth 201,707 pieces of virtual gold.

Can I buy WoW token without a subscription?

Yes, you can buy WoW tokens without a subscription. You just have to log in to your game with the expired account; you will get the option to purchase if there is enough gold on your account combined.

Do WoW tokens expire?

No, WoW Tokens do not expire. Also, you can’t delete them.

Can I resell a WoW Token after I have bought it for gold?

No, a player can sell each WoW Token only one time. Once a player buys it for gold, it becomes Soulbound. At this time, a player can redeem it for “Game Time.”